Career Consult

Career Consult

Is your child struggling with picking a career?

  • Is your child wondering how is professional life as a lawyer / doctor / engineer / investment banker etc.
  • Even if you know what career to pursue, struggling with how to pursue it.
    • What under graduate major to pick?
    • What high school classes to take?
    • What clubs or internships to pursue?
  • What are your child’s talents and interests? How do they translate to different careers

We are here to help. Our Services:

  • We match you to professionals in different fields
    • Recent law graduates or law school students
    • Investment bankers / finance professionals
    • Doctors
    • Life science researchers
    • Engineers
    • Software programmers
    • Marketing professionals etc.
  • Learn from them how is life in different careers? What does a typical day or month look like?
  • Learn from them what is the path to get to different careers
  • What steps can you take in middle school / high school / college to prepare for different careers
    • What major to pick in under grad?
    • Which colleges are good fit?
    • Which classes to pick in high school?
    • What extra curricular activities to pursue to stand out?

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