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Summer Students Coronavirus
21 May, 2020

6 Ideas for Summer for Students During Coronavirus

As summer comes closer, here are some ideas to keep students engaged during these times of Coronavirus Learn to Code – Coding is becoming a necessary skill. We at WhizSmart have coding teachers to teach kids from basics to advanced: Basics of Computer Science, Python, C++, Java, front end web development, back end web development […]

how to support students during Coronavirus
30 Apr, 2020

7 Ways How to Support Students During Coronavirus

Students are passing through once in a lifetime disruption to education. Studies after studies are showing that the effects of this pandemic can be life-lasting. Parents can reduce the blow of Coronavirus and support their child. Here are 7 ways how to support students during these unusual times of Coronavirus. : Online Tutors:  Schools and colleges […]

1:1 classes
15 Apr, 2020

7 Ways How Education is Affected From Coronavirus

Education is being affected severely due to coronavirus Students out of school – Most kids are out of schools and colleges, with no end in sight on when they will go back. Numerous studies show that missing classes sets children behind and affects their ability to learn for years to come. Parents as teachers – Most parents […]