6 Ideas for Summer for Students During Coronavirus

Summer Students Coronavirus
21 May, 2020

6 Ideas for Summer for Students During Coronavirus

As summer comes closer, here are some ideas to keep students engaged during these times of Coronavirus

Learn to Code – Coding is becoming a necessary skill. We at WhizSmart have coding teachers to teach kids from basics to advanced: Basics of Computer Science, Python, C++, Java, front end web development, back end web development

Learn a New Language – Learning a new language opens a new part of your brain. Learning a language is also learning a new culture. Give your kids a head start by getting them ready for a hyper global world. Learn Spanish, English, Mandarin, French, Hindi, or any other language this summer. It doesn’t have to be hard; WhizSmart can be one of the platforms that can help your child learn a new language from a native speaker.

Brush up concepts from last year – This pandemic affected the kids in the spring semester. Neither the schools nor the families were prepared for it. The students suffered. They are completing the year but many are not prepared to enter the new year with the mastery of the concepts from this year. Help your students master the concepts with the help of online tutors this summer despite the shutdowns created due to coronavirus.

Learn Ahead for Next Year – We don’t know if there will be a second wave. We don’t know if the schools will either reopen or if they open will have to be closed again next winter because of new cases. Why not take the opportunity in summer to have your child study ahead with service like Whizsmart, so they are prepared to deal with uncertainties of next year.

Prepare for College Test Exams – Summer is the best time to prepare for ACT, SAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, PSAT etc. Whatever your need is the tutors at WhizSmart are available to help you ace these exams.

Prepare for Math/Science Olympiads – Summer is also a great time to prepare for math olympiad tests like AMC8, AMC10/12, AMIE etc or science olympiad.

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