7 Ways How Education is Affected From Coronavirus

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15 Apr, 2020

7 Ways How Education is Affected From Coronavirus

Education is being affected severely due to coronavirus

Students out of school – Most kids are out of schools and colleges, with no end in sight on when they will go back. Numerous studies show that missing classes sets children behind and affects their ability to learn for years to come.

Parents as teachers – Most parents are not trained to teach kids. They are multi-tasking now. Working online if they have work and taking care of kids’ education and needs in the middle of the workday. Most seem stretched. That is why we built Whizsmart to take that load off the parent’s shoulders.

Educators are not prepared – Schools and colleges are scrambling because they were not prepared. From what tools to use, to what to teach to how to differentiate from online schools and colleges, the schools and colleges have had to come to answers in a very short time frame.

College Admission Tests are Delayed or Cancelled – Most key tests have been canceled or postponed. Also, many colleges are waiving the need for test scores.That is the relief for the students for the time being but puts pressure on them on how to differentiate for college applications next year

Virtual Graduations – Get used to virtual graduations. Most are going to miss the opportunity to say goodbye to their classmates and teachers.

What to teach – Teachers are realizing that need to focus on what is most important when it comes to educating students online.  Also, habits of being able to talk to kids easily in person need to be changed to tailored to the digital world.

Long Term Impact of Not Being in School – Students are missing on the school and college experience. Also, the typical online curriculum is much lighter than the regular face to face class. And if some concept is difficult to grasp there is very little help to students. Online tutor service like https://Whizsmart.com can be very helpful in these times.