7 Ways How to Support Students During Coronavirus

how to support students during Coronavirus
30 Apr, 2020

7 Ways How to Support Students During Coronavirus

Students are passing through once in a lifetime disruption to education. Studies after studies are showing that the effects of this pandemic can be life-lasting. Parents can reduce the blow of Coronavirus and support their child. Here are 7 ways how to support students during these unusual times of Coronavirus. :

Online Tutors: 

Schools and colleges are struggling with the need to adjust to how to teach students during these Coronavirus times. Teachers and professors were already struggling with the workload of the number of students per class. Now with the learning being remote, they are not able to tailor the learning experience to the pace and needs of each student. Online tutoring can supplement the vacuum left behind by schools and teachers. WhizSmart is designed to tailor tutors to the needs of the students.

Test Prep

Students are struggling with how to prepare for ACT or SAT as Coronavirus runs through the country. Key college entrance tests are delayed and many colleges are waiving the need for the tests. But in the absence of tests, many high schoolers might find it difficult to stand out among other students. For those high schoolers worried about the college applications process, WhizSmart, can help with test prep and help ace the difficult exams.

College Essays

We know how important college essays are to the application process. They are a chance for you to showcase your achievement and stand out in the crowd. Look at our post on how to write a great college essay.  Our experts can help you tell your story in a way that presents you in the best possible light in front of the college admission committees.

Summer Camps

With summer camps closed in most places and schools closing soon, it would be even more difficult for parents to keep their children engaged. After a difficult spring, the parents now have to prepare for an even more difficult summer as some of the parents start going out to work. Some ideas to explore to keep the kids engaged could be service like WhizSmart that can help kids learn to code, learn a new language, review subjects like Math, Science,or English, or learn ahead for next year’s class.

Keep a routine

With schools closed and classes going online many students are staying up late and waking up late. It is beneficial to keep the same school schedule while still being at home. That helps with somewhat separation between work/study hours in the day time and family/relaxation time in the evening.

Physical Exercise

Being indoors for 2 months is not good for kids. It’s important for them to go out safely and exercise or play some sports with precaution and social distancing.

Video Socializing

Kids are missing on the social experience of being around their friends and classmates. Maybe they can themselves set up or maybe parents should help set up video social dates with their friends and classmates.