How to get admission at top colleges

WhizSmart tutors share their stories and their advice on how to get admission at top colleges. Learn from the best.

2. What classes to take ? How many AP or honors classes by year and semester?
3. What GPA range to maintain?
4. Extracurricular activities – Sports, Volunteering, start-up, NGO etc?
5. How to prepare for SAT/ ACT?
6. How do you pick SAT or ACT?
7. Should you take AP exams? Which ones? How should you prepare?
8.Should you do internships? How to find them?
9. How to prepare to write college essays? Should you take help from outside?
10. Relative importance of grades, AP/honors classes, extracurricular activities, SAT/ACT, essays, recommendations etc? What is more important than the other? Which ones are gating factors and which ones are nice to have?
11. How to pick the colleges to apply to? How many colleges should you apply to? How should you classify into reach, target and safety?
12. How to pick the college if you have multiple accepts?
13. Advice for students trying to get into good colleges
14. Advice for freshmen. What should they focus on in freshman year ?
15. Advice for sophomore. What should they focus on in sophomore year ?
16. Advice for juniors. What should they focus on in junior year?
17. Advice for seniors. What should they focus on in senior year ?
18. Advice for students interested in getting into UCLA. How is UCLA. Pros and Cons.