1st Grade Math


1st Grade Math

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  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Comparing
  • Time
  • Sorting

More and more elementary students are falling behind because of online classes at school. Also, class teachers having limited time to help individual students.

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1st Grade’s significance

Start now, while it’s at its easiest! First grade is a fundamental time to learn the basics, and a really solid mastery of them leads to an easy math career if you can follow it up.We like to think of First grade math at Whizsmart as a starting step to a good understanding of math.

Contents of the 1st grade math class :

  • Addition: This where it all begins.The student learns the concept of addition, join two things to increase the amount. In this case, we are adding numbers. The student learns what addition is and does themselves, but only to a certain extent.
  • Subtracting: As the inverse of addition, subtraction is like having a thing, but taking a part of that thing to make a smaller thing.The student will understand this concept in time and then a apply it to numbers.
  • Comparing: In this one the student learns how know which numbers are greater, smaller, or equal in relation to each other, still unfortunately to a certain limit.
  • Time: Here the student learns how to read time.They learn 24 hours a day,60 minutes an hour, and 60 seconds a minute.They also learn how time passes in a clock.
  • Sorting:The students learn how to sort things into a Venn Diagram.They put a number of shapes into categories and count, and learn intersections of the Venn diagram.

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2 reviews for 1st Grade Math

  1. Reshma Sharma

    We are very happy. This class increased our daughter’s interest in Math.

  2. Keisha Jackson

    We tried multiple other products and services and we were struggling to keep our son engaged in Math and for him to understand arithmetic. We are glad we found whizsmart. The tutor had so much patience and he helped my son understand addition, subtraction and multiplication and taught through practical examples.

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