5th Grade Math


5th Grade Math


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5th Grade Math

5th grade, the middle area where things can get a little confusing. The first signs of struggling appear here and this is where Whizsmart can help. Using simple steps and a style of learning involving actions instead of boring lectures, any student will be able to learn 4th grade math.

Contents of the 5th grade math class :

  • Review: In the beginning of this math class, we give a review of the fundamental things in 4th grade and they get to expand upon their basic skills of division, multiplication, estimation, fraction, decimals, units of measurement, data analysis, and statistics.This will be useful later on when they need this foundation.
  • Word problems: In this part of the section, the student will have their first exposure to word  problems.This will involve having to develop their logical reasoning to make sure they can put the pieces together.Word problems will be slowly rolled out letting the student come up with unique ways with the the help of the teacher.
  • Exponents: In this section, students will learn the fundamentals of exponents. First, the students will learn the powers of ten; then, they will used the same knowledge for any other base. Lastly, they will use the powers of ten in scientific notation.
  • Percents: Now the student will use their previous knowledge on decimals and fractions to understand percents. The student will learn how to convert between decimals, fractions, and percents; the student will also learn how to find a percentage of different numbers.
  • Variable Expressions: For the first time, the student will be exposed to equations with a variable. They will learn how to construct an expression from a word problem, and how to solve an equation with a variable.
  • Geometry: We do a review of 2D shapes, while covering 3D shapes and more. You learn how to use area and perimeter. They also get a little of their foundation in geometry complete with an understanding of lines, rays, and line segments, transformations, congruency, area, perimeter, and symmetry.

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