Afterschool Help


Afterschool Help


Didn’t Completely Follow the teacher? Need help with Assignments/Homework?

Is your child having trouble keeping up at school? Schools teachers have limited time to help individual students. We are here to help.

Sign-up to our daily, twice a week, thrice a week or daily program with a 1:1 teacher that helps you with clarifying the concepts taught in the class and help with homework.

Ace your grades.

Build a solid foundation

Take help with assignments / homework

Tailored to your learning style

Taught by tutors from top US colleges

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After school / Homework help Class

Here at Whizsmart, we have an after school class, meant to help students with concepts that they didn’t understand. Also in this after school homework help program, we review classwork and help the student with problems similar to the classwork. We consider that homework is an important part of the school, so we help with the concepts of the homework instead of doing the homework for the students. Remember though, this is all based on the input of the classwork and the homework. This system can be daily, thrice a week or once a week depending on your needs.

Contents of the Afterschool / Homework help Program :

  • Concepts: When we get what the student got wrong, it is one of 2 things, the concepts or understanding of the problem. We help with concepts here to make sure the student actually understands the concepts so that they can achieve their objective, whether it is to ace the class or understand the materials
  • Homework help: We also help with homework to make sure they get it on time. We see where the student is struggling and help them (through not solving the problem for them). We help the student with different problems of the same concept and format while explaining this problem’s insights that are needed.
  • Classwork Help: We help with classwork – reinforcement of concepts and going over classwork problems, class projects, etc.
  • Problems: We help with the problems in an interesting format, we first make a different problem, with enough similarity to achieve the help needed. Then we try to prompt the student to get the key insights necessary to help them solve this problem, and by extension, the one that was one in their homework

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