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AP Chemistry course for 10-12th grade students

This college-level course will aim for students to gain a further understanding of chemistry concepts and will prepare students for the AP Chemistry exam. Students will develop analytical and mathematical skills to find chemical unknowns that will assist them in college chemistry courses and the AP exam.

Contents of the AP Chemistry Course

Atomic Structure and Properties

Discuss and review moles and molar mass, the different parts of the atom, and the importance of periodic trends.

Molecular and Ionic Compound Structure and Properties

Elaborate on the types of chemical bonds and the different ways to represent and diagram the elements’ bonds. Explain formal charge, VSEPR, and bond hybridization, and how they affect chemical bonding.

Intermolecular Forces and Properties

Explain how the different Intermolecular Forces occur and their different strengths relative to one another. Understand and utilize the Ideal Gas Law to solve for a variety of unknowns. Discuss solutions and how to solve them. Explain different experiments that reveal information about chemical properties.

Chemical Reactions

Introduce chemical reactions and their physical and chemical changes. Discuss different types of chemical reactions, including titration, acid-base, and oxidation-reduction. Solve mathematical formulas to determine unknown products or reactants in the reaction.


Discuss reaction rates and identify the three different rate laws. Understand when and how to use each rate law to determine how many products and reactants are present in the reaction.


Identify key differences between endothermic and exothermic processes. Understand and solve for heat capacity. Discuss enthalpy and the difference between overall reaction enthalpy and bond enthalpies. Utilize Hess’s Law to solve for enthalpies of reactions.


Understand reaction equilibrium and how it is affected by reactants and products. Discuss reversible reactions and learn to calculate equilibrium constants and concentrations. Utilize Le Chatelier’s Principle to predict how the equilibrium constant shifts towards one side of the reaction or the other. 

Acids and Bases

Explain the definition of acids and bases, specifically in their acceptance or donation of electrons. Connect acids and bases to their pH and pOH concentrations and calculate pH and pOH using equilibrium constants. Discuss the properties of buffers and utilize the Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation to solve for buffers.

Applications of Thermodynamics

Introduce entropy and Gibbs free energy and their effect in predicting the direction of chemical reactions. Discuss their relation to enthalpy and learn how to solve for all three. Understand the voltaic cell diagram and its relation to redox reactions.

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