Algebra 2 / Trig


Algebra 2 / Trig

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Students Learn: Variables, Equations, Inequalities, Functions, Matrices, Logarithms, Circles and Parabolas, Ellipses and Hyperbolas, Trig, Trig Functions, and Identities etc.

Typically for 10th-11th grade students. Full school year.


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Comprehensive Algebra 2 course for 10th or 11th grade students

Algebra 2 , known for taking the ideas of algebra and advances them so that they are more useful,   is the first course students take in algebra after Geometry. Historically, this class has been a high school level course that is often offered in tenth or eleventh grades. Pre-requisite: Algebra 1

Contents of the Algebra 2 Course:

  • Variables and Equations
    A quick review over variables and equations to get the student in to material
  • Inequalities and functions
    Here the student reviews inequalities. The student,isn’t introduced to functions, but they dive in deep into the analysis of functions.
  • Systems of Equations and Inequalities
    In this section, the student solves a system solves a system of equations,using many methods,including graphing,substitution,elimination,and later in the course,other ways! We also go over how to solve systems of inequalities and how it looks like on a graph.
  • Matrices
    We learn about operations on matrices,the matrices themselves,and the row and columns that make it. We inspect the applications of matrices, and determinants, Cramer’s rule, and expansion by minors.
  • Logarithms
    The student explores the inverse of an exponential: a logarithm. They see their properties and usefulness to solve certain equations. We especially lay importance in this section to In,the natural log(base e).In this section you also solve exponential and logarithmic equations,which is very useful things to know if you are doing anything mathematically based. We use  the knowledge of this in our next section.
  • Exponential and logarithmic Functions
    Explore the process of factoring expressions and see how factoring is used to solve certain types of equations.
  • Circles and Parabolas
    They learn about circles and parabolas in this section. The student looks in to how to turn the circle’s properties into an equation to describe a circle on the Cartesian plane.We examine parabolas, their vertex,
  • Ellipses and Hyperbolas
    After we get past the more simpler functions, we get into ellipses and hyperbolas. Ellipses are where the sum of the distances between 2 points is a constant and hyperbolas are where the difference of the distances between 2 points is a constant.We learn properties and equations of these 2 curves in this section.
  • Trigonometry
    An intro to trigonometry to get the student familiar with the basics before they dive in to deep parts of trig.
  • Trigonometric Functions and Identities
  • Sequences and Series
  • Probability and Probability distributions
  • Statistics

Pre-requisite: Algebra 1

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2 reviews for Algebra 2 / Trig

  1. Savita

    We looked around for tutoring service for our son and daughter. They were finding Algebra 2/Trig very difficult – especially Trig. Allison was really good at teaching them. She is very organized. They really liked her lectures and the explanations with the problems she assigned them with every class.

  2. Meg Wang

    My son loves Math. He found this course very interesting. He used to go to Russian School of Math. After he found Whizsmart, looks like he will stay now with Whizsmart. Really good teachers; great curriculum. Learning from tutors from elite colleges is added benefit – he aspires to go to an elite college.

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