Comprehensive High School Chemistry


Comprehensive High School Chemistry

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Comprehensive High school Chemistry course for 9-11th grade students

This high school chemistry course introduces the basic principles of chemistry through understanding trends and mathematical problem-solving. Students will learn about the properties of atoms and elements and how they interact with one another. As an introductory course, we will focus on understanding the logic behind the mathematical principles of chemistry, while strengthening students’ skills in applying math to those theoretical concepts.

Contents of the Chemistry Course

Properties of Atoms

Learn about the three parts of the atom, the proton, electron, and neutron, and discuss their distinct properties, with a focus on the electron cloud.

The Periodic Table and its Trends

Understand the organization of the Periodic Table and the different trends that are implied in it, including electronegativity, atomic radius, and metallic nature.

Chemical Bonds

Discuss the differences in structure, function, and relative strength among ionic and covalent bonds. Identify where ionic and covalent bonds might be found and their applications in the real world.


Utilize mathematical formulas to convert ratios of weight, volume, particles, etc. Develop strategies to keep track of units in a disciplined and efficient method.

Basic Solutions

Elaborate on the concepts of stoichiometry by using volume to theoretically dilute and solve for the concentrations of solutions. 

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