High School World History


High School World History


Master High School World History

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High School World History

You will learn world history and major world religion.  Also learn the patterns of migration and settlement in each, how the human population is distributed, how people adapt to their environment and the effects of physical geography on culture

We also study about Revolution in various societies. From the age of Imperialism to the age of democracy and progress. We   compare the Glorious Revolution of England, the American Revolution, and the French Revolution and their enduring effects worldwide on the political expectations for self-government and individual liberty.

Basically, we are studying the different societies rising from Absolutism to Revolution and to industrial revolution

Unit 1 Connecting Hemispheres.

European Renaissance and Reformation

Ottomans and the Muslim world expand

Age of explorations and isolation.

The Atlantic world.

Unit 2. Absolutism to Revolution

Absolute Monarchs in Europe.

Enlightenment and Revolution

The French Revolution and Napoleon.

Nationalism in West.

Unit 3. Industrialism and the Race for Empire.

Industrial Revolution

Age of Democracy and progress

The Age of Imperialism

Transformation around the globe.

Unit 4 The World at War

The Great War

Revolution and Nationalism


Years of Crisis

World war II


Unit 5 Perspective on the present

Restructuring the Postwar World

Cold war

The colonies become new nations. South-east Asian, African and conflict in Middle East.

Struggles for Democracy – Challenges in Africa, collapse of Soviet Union, China Reforms and Reaction.

Global Independence- Impact of Science and Technology, Economic Development, Terrorism and Security issues.

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