Intermediate Javascript


Intermediate Javascript


Students learn: Control Flows (If…else, Switch…case, For, While, Do…while, Infinite loops, etc), Functions, Arrays (Adding / Finding / Removing Elements, Arrow Functions, Emptying/ Combining / Joining / Sorting Arrays etc)

Students will build engaging games.

For 11-18 years olds.

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Intermediate Javascript

This is an intermediate course for Javascript. Students will cover :

1) Control Flows (If…else, Switch…case, For, While, Do…while, Infinite loops, For…in, For…of, Break and Continue, Exercises)

2) Objects (Basics, Factory Functions, Constructor Functions, Dynamic Nature of Objects, Constructor Property, Functions are objects, Exercises etc)

3) Arrays (Adding Elements, Finding Elements, Arrow Functions, Removing Elements, Emptying an Array, Combining and Slicing Arrays, Joining Arrays, Sorting Arrays, Exercises etc)

4) Each chapter has Projects, Exercises, and unit test

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