Python Advanced


Python Advanced


4 days a week: Monday to Thursday; 1 hour per day for 2 weeks;

Small group: Max 6 students per class.

Classes starting 07/13, 07/20, 07/27

Best For:

  1. Middle school/high school students who want to learn advanced Python
  2. Anyone else who has done some coding in Python


In this class, Student will cover :

  • Work on Projects and logical problems

  • Data structures, Tuples, Lists, List Methods, 2D Lists

  • Dictionaries, Input and outputs, Data Streams, File Handling

  • Pipes,┬áMetadata

  • Advanced Functions, keyword, and optional parameters Passing collections to function, a variable number of argument, passing a function to function

  • Lambda, Inner function, Closures

  • Modules, standard Modules – sys, math, time

  • Each chapter have Projects, Exercises, unit test



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