Python Course For Beginners


Python Course For Beginners

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Students learn Python basics with Turtle programming, The students will learn Python fundamentals: Flowcharts, Loops, Variables, Functions, Conditional Statements etc.

Students will build complex computer-generated games in Python.

For 11-18 years olds.

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Introductory Python Course For Beginners

In this class, Student will cover :

      • Flowcharts, Variables and Types, Mathematical Operators

      • User Input, Comments, Comparison Operator

      • Condition Statement, Loops, Break and Continue, Nested control structure

      • Function  and Exceptions

      • Work on Projects and logical problem
      • Each chapter has Projects, Exercises, and unit test

Course Slides:

1. Flowcharts

2. Python Basics

3. Data Types

4. Variables and User Input

5. Operators

6. Conditional Statements

7. Loops

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2 reviews for Python Course For Beginners

  1. Jason Wright

    My son loved this class. He has become so much interested in computer programming and Python after this class. He finished all the 3 levels with WhizSmart.

  2. Amit Singh

    My daughter loves taking Python classes with Tembi. They have been doing a lot of fun projects together. Great to see her enjoy learning to code.

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