College Admission Application Advice


College Admission Application Advice


Tailor your application to your target colleges – talk to students/alumni of your target colleges

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Set your college admission application apart by getting guidance from current students and alumni of your target colleges

Learn How to Write a Great College Application

Admissions officers want to know why are you interested in their college. Also they are looking for a cultural fit and want to know how you will contribute to the learning experience of other students in the class. Learn about your target colleges by talking to the current students/alumni.

Our counselors are from top colleges; they know what the target schools are looking for

They will help you tailor your applications to your target college/university

They will help tailor your story to position you in the best light possible

Talk to as many students from target students as you like.

Pick the bundle that fits you. Most pick 7 or more.

Tailor your Applications

Nothing causes an admissions officer to lose interest more is an application that is too generic. Tailor your application and stand out.

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Talk to as many target college students as you like. We have different bundles. Pick the right bundle that fits your need.

Need help tailoring college admission application essay?

College essay tips

College essay examples

Learn about your target colleges

College rankings

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