Aaron Powell


Aaron Powell

Applied Mathematics Sophomore from UCLA

  • Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Calculus, Elementary Math, Geometry, Pre Algebra, Pre Calculus, SAT, Trigonometry
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Updated 3 years ago


I am Aaron, a Math tutor from San Francisco. I am majoring in Mathematics at UCLA. I love teaching math, from Elementary Level Math to High School Calculus and everything in between! I have a lot of tutoring experience and have been tutoring for five years. I’d describe my teaching style as conceptual. I first try to have my students deeply understand the concepts being taught and then learn how to mathematically apply them, essentially a ground-up approach, teaching the fundamentals of what they’re learning first.
 I’d love to help students with college essays/counseling for their UCLA/University of California applications. I’d say I know a few huge keys to getting in that most people don’t.
If you are looking for a Math tutor in San Francisco or anywhere else please book with me.


SAT Math Score: 800

SAT Math 2 Subject Test Score: 800

College GPA: 3.85

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