Alex Diehl


Alex Diehl

99th Percentile LSAT Tutor

  • LSAT
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Updated 2 years ago
  • June 2016-August 2017
    Teaching Assistant at Sacramento State Academic Talent Search
  • August 2018-May2020
    Competitive Sports Supervisor at UC Davis Campus Recreation
  • Sep 2015-March 2020
    Bachelor of Arts: Philosophy at UC Davis
  • Sep 2015-March 2020
    Bachelor of Science: Evolution, Ecology, Biodiversity at UC Davis


Hi, I’m Alex. I graduated from UC Davis in 2020 with bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity. My coursework in these degrees has led me to a passion for how science intersects with public policy, and has inspired me to pursue a career in environmental law. Having been trained in two very different fields allows me to combine scientific rigor with a more humanistic creativity in everything I pursue. And for me, the LSAT was no different. What began as a grueling chore quickly turned into a rewarding intellectual challenge that I looked forward to conquering every day. I look forward to helping anyone I can to feel the same way about this exam.

I scored a 173 (99th percentile) on the November 2020 LSAT. I began in the mid-150s only three months prior, and achieved my score entirely by self-studying, so my advice and tutoring will not simply be regurgitated from commercial LSAT sites or classes.

If you have any questions or want to set up a tutoring session, feel free to contact me. I always respond quickly.