Anna Katten


Anna Katten

International Education Professional and Former Chinese Teacher

  • Chinese
  • United States
  • Updated 3 years ago
  • Graduated in 2011
    BA in East Asian Studies at Wesleyan University
    Awarded Frances M. Sheng Prize for Excellence in Chinese Language


After earning my BA in East Asian Studies, concentrating in Chinese Language & Literature, I went on to teach Chinese in high school and middle school settings.  I have also done one on one tutoring in Chinese for high school students and business professionals.  I now work in the field of international education for an agency that recruits students from China to attend private secondary schools in the US.  I  am proficient in traditional characters as well as simplified.

Drawing on my own experiences as a student of Chinese language, I have gained a keen insight on how to explain its grammar and other linguistic concepts to others.  I look forward to sharing my passion for Chinese language and culture with those eager to learn!