Cari Jiang


Cari Jiang

Director of Aventuro INGO --International teenagers/children exchange

  • Chinese
  • SuZhou ( Near Shanghai) China
  • Updated 3 years ago
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  • 2016 to present
    Director at Aventuro INGO for International teenagers/children exchange
    • Provide mentorship, coaching and training to International teenagers/children for Chinese language and culture • Responsible for the initiation, development and promotion of the Aventuro exchange program in China • Plan and execute activities for participants • Communicate with host families and local schools to ensure a welcoming and successful exchange more 100 participant • Maintain contact with foreign branches and participate in conferences abroad


My name is Cari and I am a native Chinese speaker. I first became interested in education when I volunteered for a rehabilitation center for deaf and mute children in China. As I watched these children gain new skills and grow in independence, I realized the important role that proper education plays in our lives. Currently, I am the director in China for Aventuro, an international student exchange program. This role allows me to teach foreign exchange students all about the Chinese language and culture. Together, we practice our listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. I also provide online Mandarin lessons to adults from various countries such as Canada. Having worked with individuals from various skill levels and backgrounds, I am able to provide beginner, intermediate, and advanced Mandarin lessons. It is my goal to help each of my students achieve their greatest language potential.