Jina Kwon


Jina Kwon

Psychobiology Freshman from UCLA

  • Algebra 1, Chemistry, Elementary English, Elementary Math, Geometry, High School English, Math, Middle School English, Pre Algebra, PSAT, SAT
  • United States
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Hi, I’m Jina and I’m a first year at UCLA for psychobiology. Having extensive experience with children and tutoring – I specialize in elementary/middle school math, science, or english, and have experience in teaching the SAT.

At UCLA, I am an education committee member for Bruin Partners – an organization dedicated to tutoring middle schools in the Los Angeles area. I tutor subjects including mathematics, English, and science. Not only that, but I developed extremely close relationships with the kids and developed personal connections. Currently, we are still tutoring students remotely via Zoom to help them with their homework or catching up with them. I was also an intern for the club SCOPE Fitnut, where we taught elementary schools the importance of health and fitness. Not only did I have a lot of fun, but I developed strong public speaking skills and confidence in the classroom.

I also took an assistant teaching job at Singapore Math Club over the summer before my senior year. At this intense academic center, I taught kids high-level mathematical problem-solving skills and reading strategies while taking care of their personal needs. It was a high stress environment because of the younger age group –I learned how to be patient and quick on my feet through their tantrums. Over the course of my high school career, I volunteered to enhance young girls in STEM programs through Girls Rock in Math and Science, and the Girls Rock Math Camp. I strive to inspire girls to participate more in STEM programs throughout their future. Through these programs, my responsibilities included mentoring these kids, taking care of their needs, and keeping them engaged in certain activities. I also volunteer at Little Bit Therapeutic Center where children with disabilities are taught how to ride horses, which positively impacts their motor skills and independence. Working with children with disabilities may be difficult, but my years of experience in childcare provides me with competency. I have interacted with children of all ages with contrasting backgrounds, and I know how to meet their different needs and expectations.

At UCLA I TOOK  mixture of STEM classes and psychology classes. My background in math is also at a high level. In high school, I completed courses up to AP Calculus AB and at UCLA, I took Math 3B (calculus for life science students) and Math 3C (Ordinary Differential Equations with Linear Algebra for Life Sciences Students), Chemistry 14A/14B/14BL, Life Science 7A/7B, and Psychology 100A.