Justin Cho


Justin Cho

BA/MHS from Johns Hopkins University

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  • Los Angeles, California
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Justin Cho

Age: 25

Undergraduate: Johns Hopkins University

Major: Bachelor of Arts in Public Health


Graduate: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Master’s of Health Science in Mental Health


SAT: 740/800/800 – 2340


Introduction: Hello! My name is Justin Cho, and I previously graduated with a degree in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. More recently, I graduated with a MHS (Master’s of Health Science) in Mental Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. I am offering my tutoring services of college resume and college essay workshops.


Experience as a Tutor:
During my undergraduate and graduate years at Hopkins, I have extensive teaching experience while being a teaching assistant for multiple courses. I was the Head Teaching Assistant for two rigorous, undergraduate Public Health course and have worked with a variation of students. In my free time, I also volunteered with low-income students in Baltimore City to plan resume building and college application workshops.


Why Me:
When I was in high school, I struggled with the college application process. I always wanted to have a mentor, who is similar in age to me, who can guide me along this difficult process. This is where I can help. I can help with the student in finding their voice, color, and direction in their application. I strongly believe that every applicant is unique and in order to succeed in the college process, the student must effectively present their strengths. Due to my extensive academic work, I have accumulated experiences (successes and failures) that will the student in the college process.


My services include:

Brainstorming personal statement topics
College Essay edits
College List recommendations
Shaping the narrative in Activity and Works section


Please feel free to contact me if interested (preferably by the student). I look forward to meeting you!