Lucas Grandison


Lucas Grandison

Math and Physics Major at Harvey Mudd

  • Math, Physics
  • Berkeley, California
  • Updated 2 years ago
  • math
  • Newtonian Physics
  • 2020 Graduate
    Alum at Phillips Exeter Academy
  • 2024 Graduate
    Student at Harvey Mudd College



My name is Lucas Grandison and I am a future physics and math major at Harvey Mudd. I went to Phillips Exeter Academy where I studied under a variety of professors – those who trained to become astronauts, those who have coached and participated in Math and Science Olympiads, and those with great enthusiasm for teaching!

I have been tutoring and teaching fellow classmates and younger students  in the fundamentals of mathematics and physics since the 7th grade, and my passion for teaching and understanding has grown vastly since.

I am looking forward to meeting the curious and wondering minds of those who I am fortunate enough to teach!