Nico Ranabhat


Nico Ranabhat

Rising sophomore in Engineering Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • ACT, Chemistry, Java, Math, Physics, Test Prep
  • Madison WI
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  • August 2019/March 2020
    Laboratory Assistant at University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Sep 2019/May 2023
    3.96 GPA (on 4.0 scale), 34 ACT at University of Wisconsin-Madison


Rising sophomore in Engineering Physics at UW Madison. I’m very passionate about and skilled at helping students excel in STEM subjects. I’ve had multiple experiences working with kids, including coaching soccer to elementary students and helping fellow classmates with homework or to prepare for exams.

One of the reasons I chose UW Madison is that it is a top research university that has a multitude of opportunities for undergraduate research. That being said, it offers some of the best STEM courses in the nation. I’ve already received credit for many college-level STEM classes at UW, such as calculus, physics, and chemistry, and I would be thrilled to help tutor in these subjects. In addition, I received a 34 on the ACT through self-study, so I can offer unique strategies in studying for the ACT.

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