Nicolas Mjaess


Nicolas Mjaess

Biochemistry and Psychology double-major at the University of Notre Dame

  • Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Elementary Math, Geometry, Pre Algebra, Pre Calculus, Trigonometry
  • Palatka, Florida
  • Updated 8 months ago



I am very passionate about teaching Math. In fact, it is my favorite subject to tutor at, especially Calculus and Algebra 2. I have passed both my Calculus 1 and 2 with As in Notre Dame. I have learned over the years to lead a class and manage many students at the same time. I have grown very fond of my students over these teaching periods. I find tutoring a very rewarding career; in fact, I have been told by my advisors at that I bring a lot of excitement to the learning environment. I think this opportunity would be a perfect way to further apply my teaching skills.

Please take a look at my resume for a detailed view on my academic and professional career.


Nicolas Mjaess