Tutor FAQs

Easy Simple Process for Tutors

Sign Up

Easy sign-up to the website with email and password. You can also create account by just creating a profile with email and uploading your resume

Submit Your Profile

Post your profile with education, experience, photos, subjects you would like to teach and resume. Remove contact information from uploaded resume

Orientation and Training

We will do an orientation call to walk you through the platform, tutoring tools and our approach to teaching. It is very easy

We Assign You Students

We will assign you students based on subjects you like to teach, what students want to learn, your availability and fit.

Teach On-Line

Tutoring sessions will be 45 mins to 1.5 hours. We will give your zoom rooms but we are flexible about other technologies like google classroom

Get Paid

We will pay you weekly based on hours worked. Get paid based on the method of your choice: direct deposit, paypal, square, venmo. It is hassle free