5 Ways How to Make Math Fun

how to make math fun
15 Mar, 2020

5 Ways How to Make Math Fun

Galilio said, “Math is the language in which God has written the universe”. But most students have a fear of math. Most of the teachers don’t know how to make math fun for students. Most kids are not afraid of math when they learn to count but over time they start developing a fear of it as they progress. The problem is not in the children. Instead, the problem is how we teach math to our children. We at WhizSmart use a different approach to Math and our students love math.

Here are 5 ways how to make math fun for kids:

  1. Discuss Practical Applications: Most teachers lose kids when they teach math as an abstract subject. Like teaching fractions, decimals, exponentials or calculus but never discussing the practical applications how it affects our day to day lives. We at WhizSmart make Math fun and meaningful by making it relevant to day to day lives through examples of practical applications.
  2. Simulations and Real Life Models: What better way to show the power of Math than to show through simulation or real-life models. Whether it is game theory or differentiations integrals, our tutors make sure the students understand the concepts through simulations and real like models.
  3. Multiple Ways to Come to the Same Answer:  Most teachers instruct kids a particular way of solving math problems without explaining why. Our tutors at WhizSmart are not interested in just teaching kids how to solve the problem but also on why we took that approach and how we could have come to the same answer by taking multiple other approaches.
  4. Gamify Math: One easy way to teach math is to make it a game. Our tutors at WhizSmart do just that. It makes for a fun, engaging, and learning experience. We use multiple games and competitions to pique your student’s interest and keep them engaged.
  5. Make Math a Way of Thinking: Last but not least, this is the most powerful method to make your child love math. We work on critical thinking and logic ability of your child as we think in future the key skill sets needed to compete in the workforce of tomorrow would be critical thinking and creativity.

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